GreenLaw Floating iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard, Magnetic Stand, Stain-Resistant Case, 7 Color Backlit, Smart Touchpad Keyboard Case for iPad 10th Gen. 2022, White

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Production characteristics

iPad 10th generation keyboardiPad 10th generation keyboard

iPad 10th generation keyboardiPad 10th generation keyboard

iPad 10th generation keyboard Unlocking the typing experience on iPad

Raise typing to pro standards – unmatched comfort and precision rival official keyboards.

iPad 10th generation keyboard Brilliant backlit keys: 7 colors 3 brightness levels

Your keyboard should be as dynamic as your creativity.

iPad 10th generation keyboard Built-in multi-touch panel

Take command with ease, unlocking a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

1 Scissor-style keys 2 Bright keyboard 3 Amazing touch controls

iPad 10th generation keyboard Stage 1 absorption

Connect your iPad to the keyboard. 31 magnets ensure a secure attachment with a force of up to 2600GS.

iPad 10th generation keyboard Step 2 Bluetooth Link

Bluetooth 5.2 Mastery. Effortless, reliable, and always ready to connect seamlessly.

iPad 10th generation keyboard Step 3 on the go

The keyboard is ready! Closed for sleep, open for connectionβ€”a simple open-ended experience.

Steps to connect and use the keyboard

1 Magnetic floating 2 Wireless BT link 3 Ready at any time

11 No Stains, No Worries Stains are defended with the Green La Semisi Tech surface

Dirt-resistant surface: Say goodbye to ugly spots and stains. With just a simple wipe, your case will look as good as new. Anti-yellowing technology: Leather/Seamless technology prevents yellowing, ensuring your case maintains its original appearance and vibrancy. Soft and comfortable: Our unique combination of leather and semi-silicone material provides an exceptionally soft and comfortable grip. Sleek and stylish: With a variety of colors and designs, the cases are as fashionable as they are functional.

iPad 10th generation keyboardiPad 10th generation keyboard Power Management: A One Touch Wakeup

Smart power management ensures that your device saves energy, extending usage time. With a simple press, wake up your device instantly, ready to start from where you left off. Simplify your experience with one-touch wake-up.

iPad 10th generation keyboardiPad 10th generation keyboard Charging: USB-C facility

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the right direction – USB-C is interchangeable, air charging. Whether you’re at home, in the office or on the go, USB-C charging compatibility provides versatility and convenience.

iPad 10th generation keyboardiPad 10th generation keyboard

🌐 Stain-Resistant Surface: Delight in a surface that resists stains, thanks to Green Law’s revolutionary Semi-Tech technology seamlessly blended with PU leather. Experience a soft, sweat-resistant touch that not only feels premium but also allows for stain removal. The plush fleece lining adds an extra layer of care, ensuring your iPad 10th generation stays flawless, and worry-free from scratches.
🌈 Magnetic Floating Stand: Transform your everyday experience with a magical floating stand, the ultimate in performance. Boasting a strong magnetic matrix of 31 magnets, it provides a secure attachment with an effective force of up to 2600GS. What sets it apart is its exceptional durability – rigorously tested to withstand 15,000 model cycles. Immerse yourself in the comfort of a stable and easily adjustable stand, backed by unmatched strength and longevity.
πŸ“‘ Wireless Bluetooth Connection: Experience low-power Bluetooth stability powered by the cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.2 chip. Simply set up your iPad 10th gen. 2022 with keyboard, and enjoy the convenience of automatic connection for everyday use. Enjoy a reliable and lag-free connection that seamlessly integrates with your iPad, enhancing your daily productivity with an effortless connection.
✨ Typing with scissor-style switches: Enjoy comfortable typing with scissor-style switch keys. Enjoy fast and instant feedback for every keystroke, combined with 1 mm of key travel. Immerse yourself in a sensitive, comfortable and silent typing journey on your iPad 2022, boosting your productivity with ease.
🌟 Dynamic Backlight Customization: Infuse your workspace with personality using a selection of backlights. Unleash your creativity by choosing from 7 bright colors with 3 brightness levels, empowering you to create the perfect environment for your typing experience with the iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard. Enhance the aesthetics of your keyboard and create an atmosphere that complements your unique style, making every typing session a visually stunning experience.
πŸ–±οΈ Intuitive Touchpad: Navigate easily with our intuitive touchpad, supporting multi-touch gestures. Swipe to return to the main screen or swipe between locations, opening up a new realm of control gestures for a seamless and efficient user experience.
πŸ”‹ Intelligent charging and power management: Experience convenience with USB-C charging, intelligent battery management, and smart sleep mode. With a one-touch wake-up function, our keyboard ensures efficient use of power, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted productivity wherever you go.


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